Rail Boss

The Seeker Rail Boss Series is a line of deep sea rods specifically designed for rail fishing applications typically 
encountered when fighting a big game fish such as a tuna. For the seasoned long range fisherman, fishing the
rail is merely the act of hooking a trophy tuna and putting your favorite rod on the rail to eliminate the stress
on your arms, shoulders and hands. However, for the first time "Long Ranger" it's a different world entirely.
The long range game is a whole different animal than many anglers are prepared for. It requires specialized
tackle that is built to take the abuses of trophy tuna, wahoo, grouper and a number of other tackle busting fish.
When the term "specialized" is thrown out, most of use immediately assume the tackle will also carry big price
tags. The Rail Boss series from Seeker rods was designed to offer anglers a more affordable option for the
specific task of rail fishing.

The Rail Boss series incorporates a new 6'6" 100% E-Glass blank which deliver great strength with the necessary
flex. With four different models ranging from 50 - 100lb the Rail Boss series has the appropriate action for your
fishing needs. Seeker reinforced the rod's blank in the foregrip area to take the added pressure of rail fishing. All
Rail Boss rods are equipped with Fuji BHBNG heavy duty ring guides that are triple wrapped for strength with an
aesthetically attractive combination of gold, black, copper and red colors displaying a true work of art. The rods
handles come equipped with aluminum reel seats, cork tape underlay for the 3m cold shrink sleeve and aluminum
gimbals for those who prefer the harness.

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