KoolMate  IB18-USA Fridge Freezer ($598.00 + Shipping)
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KoolMate IB18-USA Fridge Freezer ($598.00 + Shipping)

Price: $643.00
  • Item #: IB18
  • Manufacturer: EvaKool
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Price includes Shipping and Handling ($598.00 + Shipping)

EvaKool's KoolMate Fridge Freezer is America’s solution for people on the move ...

a) Secure, tight fitting - 12 Volt Cable connection - your cable won't fall out.

b) Easy to use flush mounted handle.

c) Fan for assisted ventilation - Works well in hot outback conditions.

d) Robust Lid Strap - Easy to access products with both hands.

e) Internal Light - See your food at night.

f) Digital Control Panel - Monitor your temperature accurately.