Echo Single Handed  Edge Freswater Fly Rod
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Echo Single Handed Edge Freswater Fly Rod

Price: $228.00
  • Item #: EDGFW
  • Manufacturer: Echo
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The ECHO EDGE rods are the best looking most reliable rod in their price category. Patterned after our extremely popular ECHO2 rods, the ECHO EDGE series sport a deep burgundy gloss blank on the fresh water models, and a deep blue blank on the Saltwater and the 8'4" models. Tim never seems to be satisfied with the status quo and is always looking at ways to improve upon the older rod designs. With the ECHO EDGE rod project he started with the ECHO2 rods and using newer technology was able to tweak the actions and toughen the blanks to make the rods perform better. The results are the best casting rods ever built in this price range.

Included in this series is a selection of new boat rods Tim designed with key insight from Pat Ehlers of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the ECHO EDGE "84". The premise behind the development of this series was the need for a short, light weight boat rod with unsurpassed accuracy. At 8 foot 4 inches they just have that intimate, tight, drive a tack power you're looking for. Designed primarily for the warm water Bass and Muskie fishery where casting big bugs is the norm, these rods perform equally well casting streamers for trout, chasing stripers in the cold, or stalking monsters on the flats. Available for the EDGE 84 series only, is the option to purchase a small diameter handle. this "small grip" will help people with smaller hands fish longer with less fatigue.

E378 7'8"   3    4        A MED FAST-ER    
E480 8'0"   4    4        A MED FAST-ER    
E590 9'0"   5    4        B MED FAST-ER    
E690 9'0"   6    4        B MED FAST-ER