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187 Jigs was founded in 2015 by long time angler Robert Mulder, Based in Ventura County California. All products are designed and distributed out of Ventura, California. On the West Coast, anglers refer to metal jigs as “slinging iron”, using the lures to catch everything from barracuda, albacore, sea bass, and marlin to tuna.

Our colors are formulated for all types of Ocean species including Sea Bass, Yellow Tail, Dorado, Blue Fin, Marlin, Bonita, Calico Bass, Barracuda, Rock Fish, Lingcod, Halibut Yellow Fin and more. Why 187 Jigs? 187 is the penal code section for MURDER! Lets go out and Kill us some Fish!

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    WEGETBIT, 187 Jigs, 6X Junior, 6X, 7X Light, 7X Regular, Lead 8 Oz., Bird Poopjig , Blue White jig, Burgundy jhig, Camouflage jig, 6X Junior Chrome, Dorado, Mackeral, Mint White, rock fish, yellowtail, barracuda, saltwater jigs, slinging iron, metal jigs, SALAS, TADY